Aug 09

Dragon Scale Lute will be in Fire and Fantasy


The Dragon Scale Lute, the first person, single POV version of Songs of Insurrection, will be released in the Fire and Fantasy boxed set.


Pre-order today and get 10 bonus gifts.


Jul 30

Prelude to Insurrection is FREE on Instafreebie

Prelude to Insurrection, a short-story prequel to the Dragon Songs Saga, is FREE on Instafreebie.  Claim your copy today!

Jul 19

Dance of Swords Available in Glimpses

My short story, Dance of Swords, is available in the short-story anthology, Glimpses.

It is free at

Apr 07

The Dragon Songs Saga is now Complete

With the publication of Symphony of Fates, the 4-book Dragon Songs Saga is now complete.

Feb 15

Dances of Deception FB Release Party

I will be hosting a release party for Dances of Deception on Facebook, with giveaways, author takeovers, and more.

launch copy

Jan 08

Guest Blog on Nicki Chen Writes

Today, my guest blog on Nicki Chen Writes went live.

Jan 01

Official Relaunch of Songs of Insurrection

Official Relaunch of Songs of Insurrection

00cover_final-smAlthough it has been available for the last month, Songs of Insurrection will be officially relaunched on January 6, 2017.

Dec 29

Rebranding of Daughter of the Dragon Throne

00cover_final-smI am currently rebranding the Daughter of the Dragon Throne series with new covers and titles to reflect the epic fantasy/sword and sorcery market.  The Dragon Scale Lute has already been redone as Songs of Insurrection, and the next three should follow within the first couple of months of 2017.

If you liked the old covers, I have long-term plans to re-release them as Young Adult, First Person, single POV.  You can see the new Dragon Scale Lute on Wattpad.

The new titles of the Dragon Songs Saga are:

Songs of Insurrection (Dragon Scale Lute)

Orchestra of Treacheries (Dragon Charmer)

Dances of Deception (True Colors of Betrayal)

Symphony of Fates (Mandate of Heaven)

Sep 29

The First Dragon Charmer Published in the Bite-Sized Stories Anthology


Bite-Sized Stories

If you’ve read any of the Daughter of the Dragon Throne series, you’ve heard of Yanyan, who sang Avarax to sleep.  Her story is included in Bite-Sized Stories, an awesome FREE short story anthology available on  AMAZON and Nook, or

Aug 19

My Favorite Plot Twists

I have shared my favorite 5 plot twists in Fantasy Fiction on James Randall Schmidt’s blog, Mighty Thor JRS.

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